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Zine in a Box
1999-06-04 20:10:07

Digital Gar Gar Gar!
I don't have any interest in Texas Tower since I'm not on a killing rampage.
-- Mr. Bad


Tired of working till all hours of the night to create independent and interesting content for your Web zine? Worry no more, digital frontiersman! Zine in a box is HERE!

This is one FREAKY site. They provide a service for setting up fake-o zines on your business's boring fucking Web site. They give you the CUSTOMIZED CONTENT, they give you a mailing list, they give you the WHOLE NINE YARDS!

No more hustle! No more bustle! No more annoying spelling errors! Just sit right back and watch that E-ZINE revenue roll in! Every zinester's dream!

Make sure you check out the creepy endorsement by Dr. Kevin Nunly. He's not a real doctor, he just wants your money! Wee-HAW!

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