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Webzine 98 Blah blah gar gar gar!
1998-11-11 15:23:00

Digital Gar Gar Gar!
Usenet is like junior high school, except it's not as well-lit and it's full of Dutch people.
-- Tjames Madison


OK, so, Cool Event of the Week is the Webzine 98 thingy. I'd think it was a horrible blech gar-gar-gar-fest, except the exceptional people at Unamerican Activities are sponsoring it. And they are so cool it makes my neck sweat.

I think it could be fun. We're gonna go. Someone I was talking to said she went to this last year and had acid-laced "Peeps" (Yeah, the little marshmallow Easter chickens). Personally, I think that's reason enough to go. I mean, dosed "Peeps"! That's _EVIL_!

But I also think it would be great publicity if the Pigdog crew got in a huge drunken fistfight with some group wimpier yet more famous than us. Like, say, Suck. I mean, there are 70s punk bands whose sole claim to fame is that they kicked the ass of the Clash outside some slimey London club.

Ratsnatcher thinks we should keel-haul Michael Kinsley from "Slate" behind a pickup truck, but something tells me he's not gonna be there. I don't like fighting, anyways. Maybe I can buy the Suck people some drinks and they'll agree to stage a fight and take a dive.

Anyways, I'm still holding out hopes that this is going to be real grassroots zine thingy and not a wannabe hipster corp-o-fest. But, I say, check it out.

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