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Analog Cafe! You MUST COME!
1999-11-11 19:02:15

Digital Gar Gar Gar!
"Squeal like a pig." Just saying the line conjures up images of Hillbillies and Ned Beatty's sweaty pink face. It's a powerful image, jammed into the American psyche like a fat Hillbilly cock in a tiny city-dweller's anus. The image will just not go away, no matter how hard you try.
-- enigma


Wowsy wowsy woo woo! Everyone who is anyone in the San Francisco freak scene will be swinging and singing at the Analog Cafe this Saturday, 11/13. You MUST GO! YOU MUST!

Here's the diddly-do: Laughing Squid is the ROCK. The Squid List is the ROCK. Everything SQUIDLIKE rocks the COOL MIKE. No shit!

The Squid List is ONLY the most important and fantastic announcement list in all of Webdom. Every day it pulses out 3-10 announcements for great events in the San Francisco scene -- plays, parties, happenings, whatever. If it's happening in SF, and only cool people should go there, it's on the Squid List. I would be nowhere near as hip and happening a guy as I am if I didn't have the Squid List putting my finger on the pulse of FUN.

The Laughing Squid web site is ALSO very rocking. It's like this Web site for everything crazy in SF. It's got tentacles reaching into all the weird underbelly of our world: crazy Santas, bad Webzines, insane Burningmanosity, etc. etc. etc. Hoorah for Laughing Squid!

But the best part of the devious and mischevious Squid Triad is the fabulously cool and personable Scott Beale. He's the brains behind all things Squiddity, and he works at this pretty much 24x7. Not to kiss Scott's ass or anything, but I am continuously amazed at how much this man does for the SF arts & underground scene. I don't know a lot of people who don't owe a few favors to Scott.

Now, the BEST part is that there's this live party on Saturday night, 11/13, where all the Tribes will gather under the Squid Banner and make fun. It should be a real good time: lots of music and crazyiness. Booze, too. Yay for booze!

Despite our own Master Squid's protestations that the entire Squid establishment stole his good name, I heartily enjoin you and your loved ones to go check out this here Analog Cafe. Tell em Pigdog sent you, and who knows what'll happen.

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