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You Are Being Eaten By Invisible Vampires
2002-10-12 12:53:24

Deadly Things
I hate to be a one issue voter, but the first candidate that promises public booze fountains gets my vote.
-- Johnnie Royale


So, anyways, did I mention that I learned toki pona? I learned toki pona. And as much as I loathe the vapid philosophy behind the Web site, I gotta say: I'm glad they have a link to

I hate working. Hate it. Hate being told what to do, hate being on the hamster wheel of work-spend-work-spend, hate the stress, hate tying up my inner well-being with somebody's idea of what's good for some faceless and loathesome corporation. I hate working.

I don't believe in the power of work to make you a better individual. I have been "in the work force" for, gawd, almost 15 years, and it hasn't made me any better. I am just as bad a person today as when I got my first high-school job. Work has not improved me one tiny bit.

Work does not help my self-exteem, either. I feel like parboiled shitburgers after a day of working. I don't feel like a happy member of the Burger King team. I feel like I got run over by a lard truck. I have a lot of things in my life that I'm proud of, but most of them involve drug and alcohol binges, sex, driving recklessly and being a smart-ass. The ones that involve work are fleeting and minor.

So, anyways, work is stupid, boring, and wrong. There's obviously enough money and stuff in the world that we should all be able to live like KINGS and go to work once a week, maybe, do our time a bit and then go home and have great monkey sex and eat ice cream. I really believe this. The fact that we all still live like disposable soot-faced 19th-century factory children is abominable.

But I have a hard time expressing these things. I dunno. Nobody believes me when I say that we should have an economy BEYOND WORK, probably because I'm lazy, contrary, and unemployed. And it's not the American Way, after all. Work is what we do. Work is what makes you valuable in this world.

So I was kind of glad to find the link below on the toki pona Web site. is all about telling people to QUIT FUCKING WORKING. Which is a great message. I can mine that site for excellent anti-work propaganda. You should look at it, too. Ha ha ha!

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