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Ninjas: The Ultimate DEADLY THING
2002-01-18 12:30:09

Deadly Things
Mankind is basically a battlefield... a dark cellar in which a well-bred spinster lady and a sex crazed monkey are forever engaged in mortal combat, the struggle being refereed by a rather nervous bank clerk.
-- D. Bannister


Top five things that make me fear and exult: 5) Amyl nitrate. 4) Car crashes. 3) Courtroom showdowns. 2) Sex in public. 1) the REAL ULTIMATE POWER of a full-on NINJA ATTACK. Suweet!

OK, so, I don't have a lot to say about this site, but I didn't want to make a teeny- weeny little short-link quicky link, because I know that most Pigdog Journal readers don't take them seriously enough. I mean, fuck, we've got the entire functionality of right down at the bottom of our index page, EVERY DAY updated with new and interesting links, and nobody ever looks at them and/or reads them. It's SAD and DEPRESSING.

So I guess I've totally veered off the NINJA ISSUE into decrying the sad state of affairs with Pigdog Journal readers. Read the Quickies, you ass-munching losers! Don't get distracted by the flashy pictures and clever layout options at the top of the page! Think for yourself! DON'T click that picture just because it has a FOYN piece of ASS on it. DON'T LET JAKOB NIELSON be right! Style doesn't matter for shit.

OK, uh, I guess I should start rounding this article out with some conclusiatory statements of comically overstated exhortation. Which would probably require reining in this unhelpful need for woolgathering self-reference and swinging the discussion back around to the TOPIC at HAND, namely: NINJAS. With that in mind, I ask you to DIG THIS -- ninjas fucking rock, and they are funny, and you should go read about them. And that's about all I have to say. Onward, Pigdog hordes!

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