Now Hiring!
2001-07-21 12:33:26

Deadly Things
Morality has no place in America. We are a capitalist society.
-- Slashdot Reader


Ever wanted to work long hours for no pay at one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? A job where your only chance of getting ahead is to give some head? A job that's pure murder? Now's your chance!

Representative Gary Condit is looking for new interns! If you're young and reasonably good-looking, come work on Gary's staff! He needs help getting poll results, plumbing the depths of pubic opinions, and tying down people to find out what they really think. Gary is also looking for someone who can take out his trash without being followed.

Under 18? Check out Gary's Page for Kids!

Just in case you missed it, as of Saturday July 22nd there's a button link for "The Center for Missing and Exploited Children" in the lower left-hand corner of Gary Condit's "Intern Opportunities" page. I am not making this up.

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