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I am not Leonard Nimoy
-- Spock

I guess we should all use Winzip now.

by The Compulsive Splicer

2000-06-05 17:24:47

The life of Phillip Katz, the creator of PKZip, has come to an unfortunate premature end.

Although technically not One Of Us, he died like a true Pigdogger. Drank himself to death and collapsed in his own filth. The investigating police officers had to pry the bottle from his cold, dead fingers.

Anyone that's downloaded any porn or dangerous how-to files from the 'Net or from a BBS knows the friendly .ZIP file extension that Phil Katz coined. It's been a staple of gonzo computing since I don't even know when. Even the original Rat Manual, the long-lost ancestor to the Pigdog Journal, was distributed compressed into a ZIP file.

Other compression utilities will come and go, but Phil Katz will be remembered as the true father of ZIP.

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