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Shrine to the Stars
1999-06-25 02:15:34

Don't hit the atmosphere. It'll only make it whine.
-- Binky


There's a bunch of people up in the hills of Vermont who build their own telescopes so they can look at the stars. If that's not genuine cyberbilly, I don't know what is.

These people have the worlds largest operating Schupmann telescope: it's a thirteen-inch f10. Don't know what a Schupmann telescope is? It's on their site. "It's a single glass refractive apochromat, ... and it uses only spherical surfaces." It's a clever design to eliminate the chromatic aberration common to refractor telescopes. And these amateurs in the middle of the backwoods in Vermont built the biggest one in the world! That's kinda like finding a Saturn V booster in a model rocketry exhibit at a West Virginia high school science fair.

These folks outgeek us stupid computer dorks every step of the way, and they don't look ridiculous in overalls. Has Pigdog been out-pigdogged?

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