Lego Nut Buys Car
1999-06-21 08:58:25

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Defending Boise as "Mayberry for computer geeks," noted Boise personality "Lego-Man" recently purchased a 1969 BMW his brother spotted "sitting out in the farmer's back forty."

Twenty rusted vehicles sprawled on a weed-choked property 27 miles northwest of Boise -- including a 1952 Dodge and a 1949 Hudson Hawk. Forgoing the fifty-year-old Hudson was easy, Lego-Man reports. The 30-year-old BMW resembled "an incarnation of my first car, a 1967 Datsun 4 door sedan."

"The interior was in good shape, other than the inch of mouse poop all over everything."

With an eye to its re-sale value, Lego-man lovingly transported the found American classic with a $400 car dolly -- after installing new tires. In a heart-warming e-mail, Lego-Man recaps his unique assortment of only-in-Idaho follies. "Put new rubber on the rear and away we went! Right over a skunk!"

The proud car-owner is now taunting his wife that she is no longer the household's only BMW owner.

His first stop? The car wash. "We were headed there anyways to vacuum some of the mouse poop out."

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