Bad night to be a Protestant Ninja
1999-11-09 15:45:11

Crazy But True
With respect to the no-dancing prohibitions, I strongly recommend that you see the documentary film "Footloose."
-- Mr. Bad


Picture this, you're a ninja practicing your craft at Devil's Hopyard State Park. It's dark, your fellow ninjas are into whatever zen poetry hack and slash routine ninjas go through. Suddenly, you see a big flamin' demon sitting on a fence post calling your name.

So you're scared, right? You get your ninja friends to drive you to your pastor's house for some late night confession/blessing. And what happens? Rather than expel your demons, your pastor calls the cops and you get busted for carrying a 4 foot samurai sword. To top it off, you collapse in a diabetic heap. The trials of the ninja just keep on comin'...

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