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The Dust is Watching Me!
1999-09-10 14:08:42

Crazy But True
If nothing else, we can always set a bad example.
-- Enigma


You hear them on the streets shouting that the CIA is watching them via means that most people would think rather insane. Well guess what Bucky, here's one that's true.

When I lived in Missoula Mt, one of my all-time favorite hobbies was burning all my bridges behind me. I was 17, and didn't care if I lived or died. Most of my friends thought I wouldn't live to see my 18th birthday. Well, my 18th came and went. I found myself living in a studio apartment, in a building where the state hospital would dump all their outpatient crazies. Down the hall from my windowless abode lived one such basket case. And other than her daily trip to the community shower and toilet, she would stay in her apartment cleaning the hell out of everything, and writing notes on cut-out coupons- which would end up being slipped under my door. On day, I had enough of this lunatic scribbling. I pounded on her door with the intentions of returning her scraps of paper. She answered the door, looked at me and whispered "The dust is watching me". And damn me, she was right.

It seems some scientists have developed "smart dust" that does just that. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if she was a test subject.

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