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Crazy African Bug Shoots Acid Out of It's Arse!!
1999-08-20 18:19:04

Crazy But True
In conclusion, you're all gay and I hate rock and roll.
-- Mr. Bad


Hey, so this isn't news or anything, but this crazy bug called the African bombardier beetle shoots Burning Hot Acid out of it's ASS with sooper dooper accuracy!!

It has special butt jets that it uses to aim at it's enemies and when it shoots the acid out, it makes a big bang sound like a gun!! Woo! It's so accurate it could even hit its victim (like an ant) in the eyeballs if it wanted.

So, go look at the pictures because that's the best can see the ass spray in action...up close and personal!

On a side note: I'm thinkin' I'd like to get me a few of these critters. I'll use them against my upstairs neighbor next time he pisses me off. See, he's an entomologist and he has all kinds of bad crazy bugs up in his nasty apartment.

He's a big freak and bothers me all the time...for being noisy and what not. Not that I am, but he's ultra sensitive because he has special spidy senses and never leaves his creepy crawly apartment except to climb up in our neighborhood trees to conduct experiments and collect new specimens.

More than once I have found unusual, horrible, bugs in MY apartment. For instance, one week I found THREE black widows in my room!!! I suspect that sometimes he releases the horrible little beasties into my apartment on PURPOSE! So, if I get myself some African butt shooting bugs, I could train them to defend my household from his attacks.

Just a thought.

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