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Big Fat Man Falls Out of Roller Coaster
1999-06-09 13:49:56

Crazy But True
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Although this story is a few weeks old, it was ignored completely by the mainstream media. Why is the media turning a blind eye to the dangers faced by big fat men on roller coasters?

This big fat man, Michael Dwaileeae, 37, of Orleans, NY, was riding the new "Superman: Ride of Steel" roller coaster at the Six Flags Darien Lake amusement park in Darien Center, NY, when he was buffeted by powerful vertical G-forces and propelled into the air on the last bunny hop leading to the station. Eyewitnesses say the big fat man fell some 15 feet through the air and landed on the ground below the coaster, where he was attended to by paramedics, who rushed him to a nearby hospital.

Incredibly, even though this new-style "hypercoaster" is capable of reaching speeds of more than 70 mph and has an ultimate height of more than 200 feet, the big fat man, Dwaileeae, received only minor injuries.

Park officials immediately closed the ride and began work on installing new lap bars to prevent the danger to future big fat riders of "Superman: Ride of Steel." The ride recently reopened, and has so far had no additional problems with big fat people falling out of it.

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