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Would You Like a Bible With That Beer?
1999-06-03 18:23:38

Crazy But True
We've gotta get out of here. I have The Fear.
-- Dr. Gonzo


In an attempt to swell the ranks of God fearing, beer swilling, football watching, church skipping Englishmen, the CoE (Church of England) has purchased a pub in Northern England - The Cock and Bottle snicker, snicker.

I find this a bit disturbing and think that not only should there be a separation of Church and State, but of Church and alcohol. I don't trust them bible thumpers when it comes to my favorite drug. They probably water it down with holy water or something. Maybe they even bless the wine in a box. Ugh. No thanks.

Still I'd have to be awful drunk to fall for that whole "convert me when I am drunk" routine. Drunk to the point of driving the Porcelain Bus - if you know what I mean. "Yes God - I'll go to church next Sunday if only you'll help me make it through the night."

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