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Norway Government Caves to Student Partying
2002-04-05 17:59:25

Crazy But True
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Realizing that it is impossible to stop 18 year old Norwegian students from participating a 17 day orgy of partying fueled by alcohol and drugs as they celebrate the end of their compulsory schooling, the Norwegian Government has capitulated and moved the final tests these students take back two weeks.

I think this is some of the best news I've every heard. First, you've got an entire segment of a population refusing to give up a 100-year tradition of partying for 17 straight days - just to prepare for some stupid test. I think it roxs that the students put partying ahead of some ridiculous and meaningless exam - choosing instead to potentially fail the test and fucking their life up forever - rather then stop celebrating the end of their schooling.

Then there is this whole partying for 17 straight days. 17 fucking days. YAHOOOOO. You go d00ds and d00dettes. Fuck, I wish I could party for 17 straight days. It would probably kill me, but it sure would be fun trying.

And finally, there is that admission from the powers that be that they are helpless to stop this unabridged bacchanalia tradition (that they themselves participated in back in their teenage years) and all the PC blathering that we in the US are sooooo fucking accustoming to hearing about the fucking sanctity of the sober mind and that 18 year olds shouldn't be drinking is fucking tossed out the window and the frigging test is move back two weeks so the students have time to deal with their massive hangovers.

You can bet that in the US, the Anti-Fun Nazis would be doing everything in their power to stop this partying and would never EVER consider moving the test back to accommodate the students' desire have a whole fuck load of fun. Fuck, I hate this country sometimes and all the bastardaros running around trying to spoil everyone's good time.

Anyway, a big Pigdog Beaujolais to the Norwegians for doing the right thing - definitely an entire race of Bad People of the Future.

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