Celebrity endorsement impersonated


Enormous Expanded Raccoon Testicles: Oh My!
2000-10-25 07:38:28

Crazy But True
One of the great things about aging is that you don't have to hang out with or see the people you had sex with as a teenager. With incest you don't have that luxury.
-- Enigma


This could only come from the land of the rising sun- a commercial advertising the services of a construction company, featuring a little red riding hood theme. So what's so strange about that? How about dancing forest animals with oversized testicles and mammary glands.

The theme of this commercial is a simple one: Use the services of this company, and your dreams will come true. Apparently, the animals of Japan dream of having huge balls and knockers. But then again, advertising in American advertising usually promises this as well. The only difference being, Japan tends to be more open and up front about it. Who knows? Perhaps the American swill beer companies will take a cue from this. Drink Coors, and your breasts will grow three sizes. Drink bud, and your penis will gain three inches. The possibilities are endless.

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