Britsh Royalty Caught in Hair Cheese Scandal!
2000-03-22 12:49:05

Crazy But True
One wonders how prior generations survived and flourished without the Internet and alt.binaries.clits.
-- Johnnie Royale


Everyone know that the British are funny, and that British royalty is everything British squared. Cheese is also funny, and the concept of a "South Wales cheese factory" is about the best venue for cheese-funniness that I can think of. Now hair usually isn't thought of as funny. Normally you think "dumb" when someone mentions hair, but I believe the "British royalty" and "South Wales cheese factory" are enough to carry the hair part. Thus, I'd say this is a pretty funny story.

So Prince Philip was on a tour of the university that's all famous and stuff 'cause it has it's own cheese factory and the little brat refused to wear a hair net. Now, in Down Under, if you go near a vat of cheese without a hair net, the cheese has to be condemned and no one can eat it. So the university is all honored 'casue they've had a "royal visit," but it's left them with all this condemned cheese.

If you have yet to see the humor in this situation, let me offer a few more choice selections from the article:

  • Australian bush cheeses
  • vat of condemned cheese
  • rogue hair
  • The farming town of Wagga Wagga
  • Barry Lillywhite, the university's head of cheese.

You should be laughing now. See, 'cause it's funny. So you laugh.

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