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So Close... and Yet...
2000-03-21 14:52:56

Crazy But True
if EVERYONE were insane, i might have more fun.
-- rotten elf


So this guy in jail on a murder rap managed to SAW his way out of his jail cell. OK, no big deal you say. But he did it using DENTAL FLOSS coated in TOOTHPASTE!

This guy must be BRILLIANT to pull this off! Well, no. Turns out he did it in order to murder a prison rival. Not to escape, not to take hostages and demand an improvement in prison conditions -- but to off some punk that looked at him funny.

He wasn't even in for life-- only 15 years. Now they're gonna lock him in a small metal box for the rest of his life. And I bet he can forget ever getting another piece of popcorn out from between his teeth... the man will probably never see another implement of dental hygiene in his life. Ewww....

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