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Woody Allen was RIGHT

by Baron Earl

2000-02-24 19:52:23

The last time Woody Allen made a funny movie was in 1973, but for some reason people keep going to see his films. The funny movie I'm referring to is Sleeper, in which a man from the 70's is cryogenically frozen and re-animated hundreds of years in the future. The film made several daring predictions -- that VW Bugs would still be running in 200 years, that McDonald's would be serving its quadrillionth customer, that people could be frozen and re-animated, and that cigarettes would be the new health food.

The first three items in that list anyone could imagine -- no great leaps of faith there, but cigarettes? Good for you?

You betcha! Your doctor may soon be prescribing nicotine for medical uses, including treating Alzheimer's Disease & Tourette's Syndrome. It may even be helpful for a whole range of brain diseases.

Too bad that cigarettes may give you cancer and kill you before you're old enough to develop Alzheimer's.

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