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Thus Spake Zarathustra!
2000-01-23 16:33:47

Crazy But True
isn't there a zen sect that considers immersing oneself in sensual pleasures to be a path to nirvana ?
-- rotten elf


Check it out! The definitive Web site for traditional Zoroastrianists! With lots of crazy Zoroastrian parables and long treatises on various aspects of Zoroastrianism! Can you BEAT THAT, motherfucker? I thought not.

Zoroastrianism is TOTALLY COOL. OK, actually, I don't know SHIT about Zoroastrianism, but, HEY, I still think it's cool. And fundamentalist "traditional" Zoroastrianism is by any account several points cooler.

I don't usually make a point of picking on persons of faith, and Zoroastrians aren't going to be the first. Zoroastrianism is bitchen, anyways! They have big FIRE ceremonies, for one thing. AND they have a big Persian guy with a GIGANTIC BEARD as their big leader d00d. That's cool, too! He has a great hat! And no one can deny that they have the best soundtrack of any religion ever! Dun... dun... dun... DUN-DUN! It puts the fear of Ahura-Mazda in your BONES, man.

If you can find a better Web site for TRADITIONAL ZOROASTRIANISM than this one, I will eat my cyberbilly hat, goggles and all. And don't give me www.zoroaster.com, because that's just a punk-ass parked domain. Who needs it! That's what I say to zoroaster.com. Screw that stuff.

Zoroastrianism may be the last religion in the dictionary, but they're FIRST with me! Go check out this crazy TRADITIONAL ZOROASTRIANISM site right now! And tell 'em Mr. Bad sent you! They'll LOVE THAT.

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