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2000-01-15 01:28:03

Consumers in Action
I'd like a bumper sticker that says "Pillage Globally, Profit Locally."
-- Trevor 'Fuckhead' Johnson


On January 9th, 2000, everyone's favorite politician, Mayor McHat, was sworn in for a second term. In his speech, Willie promised that he would "listen". And true to his word, Da Mayor did listen. How long he listened is another matter. It's clear he isn't listening now. Especially when it comes to the issue of San Francisco nightlife.

Here's the 411- Programming whiz & music fan, Jamie Zawinski and his business partner are in the process of trying to buy The DNA Lounge, one of the last remaining nightclubs in San Francisco. In recent years, San Francisco has lost, or is in the process of losing, many of its longstanding venues due to hardship from City Hall, who has taken it upon itself to determine what the residents of this fine city are allowed to enjoy as entertainment. Jamie has made it a point to go above and beyond what would be expected in trying to do a ‘change of ownership’ in such a hellish climate. He's met with the police, surrounding businesses, business associations, residents, and anyone else that would have the remotest interest in the operation of this legendary nightclub.

Everything was going smoothly, until Jamie met Willie's favorite lapdog, Captain Martel, Chief of San Francisco's Southern Station in SOMA. Martel has made it very clear that he would like nothing more than to see all late- night clubs in the area, including The DNA, close forever, and is doing everything in his power to make sure that the doors to DNA do, in fact, remain closed.

But it's within your power to prevent this. On Wednesday, February 2nd, at 5:30 in the SF City Hall, there will be a permit hearing concerning The DNA. Weurge you to make yourself present at this hearing, or make your voice heard. We must stop these evil swine here and now, before they devoid San Francisco of every nightclub it has!

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