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Reality Has Gone Out On Strike
2002-10-03 13:14:04

The Compulsive Perspective
Your web site is a disgrace to all mankind.
-- Allison (from Canadia)


Of course the media can be trusted to tell you what you believe.

No seriously. have you ever met someone who thought that a pre-emptive strike on Iraq is a good idea? Sure, all the politicians are saying they're afraid they'll lose votes if they don't give Bush the gun with the hair-trigger, and they say that fear is due to popular opinion. But just try to find someone that you know who really believes it's a good idea, before you go giving up because you think you're surrounded by insane warmongers. The American people are a lot smarter than the American people are led to believe. Even we believe it! Then we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we're a bunch of morons. We're not. But thanks to our news outlets (unless of course you're reading Pigdog Journal) many of us believe that we're each the only moral person left and that our opinion doesn't matter.

If our opinion really didn't matter, they wouldn't bother lying to us, now would they?

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