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CNN and InfoWorld Mock Windows

by Baron Earl

1999-11-05 07:13:09

The verdict is in -- the mainstream press has finally figured out that Windows is a bug-infested, crash-prone, piece of junk operating system.

You don't get much more mainstream than CNN, the network that makes you think you've been informed. So when CNN starts picking up InfoWorld articles written by Linux World editor Nicholas Petreley and reprinting them on their Sci Tech web page... that means the IDEA that Windows is crap is no longer controversial -- it's an accepted fact.

I'm wouldn't be surprised by Linux World running such an article, I'd only be a little surprised that InfoWorld ran the article, but CNN? I'd be amazed if CNN ran a fully-documented story about one of their advertisers cannibalizing children... I am stunned (and pleased at the same time) that they'd mock the main product of one of their more lucrative clients.

If you visit the site, be sure to answer the QuickVote question, "Is Windows 95/98 a buggy operating system?" Currently the "yes" votes are running at 98%.

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