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Ah, looks like it's about time to turn human misery into fat piles of cash.
-- S. Dallas, Esq.

Fuck that Job!

by Baron Earl

2002-06-20 00:27:48

With the dot-com economy in the toilet, companies far and wide are taking advantage of the availability of cheap labor willing to do just about anything to keep the groceries coming in. Just how far down can they push the salaries of the graphic artists, the programmers, the ad copy writers of the world? Can you believe that they're hoping you'll work for FREE? showcases the employment opportunities that these companies are offering. "Work for free and build your resume" ads. Full-time jobs for highly-skilled workers listed as unpaid internships. Ads that ask the unemployed, "How do you want to be degraded today?"

Now you'll have a place to re-post those job ads that ask too much for too little, and add your own scathing comments to boot!

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