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2000-01-23 16:46:57

Mocking Parade
Damn right we live in a dangerous society. Who would want it otherwise?
-- enigma


It's ADVERTISING! Using JAVUR! How cool is that!?! They even call it JAVERTISING, which I have to say is the coolio name of the century.

OK, I'll admit it -- I'm not a big fan of advertising. Actually, I pretty much hate it. BUT, and here's the big but, BUT, I love to call "Java" "Javur"! It's great! It makes it sound like the world's greates hillbilly program language. "Fix me up some of that thar JAVUR and I'll build this chicken coop with XML." "I hooked up some server-side JAVUR to the still DATURBASE and I think it improved the flavor of the HyperWhiskey a mite."

I love Javur! No other programming languages, except I guess Modulur-2 or maybe Adur, have the same great -UR ending. So when I found out about JAVERTISING, I knew it was gonna be great. JAVER! Right there in the name. Even though it ended with gross "tising". But what can you do, right?

Actually, this Javertising site isn't all that bad. All I can tell is that they do weird client-side XML stuff, which, like, whatever. I don't know what the fuck that has to do with JAVERTISING, but nobody ever called me a Web entrepreneur, so maybe there's just an enzyme I'm missing that would make this all make sense.


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