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Lesbian Sex Toys Wow High School Students
2001-06-06 14:58:25

Canadia Sucks
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-- Sean Neakums


Lesbians! Vegetable dildos! It's just another high school art class in sex-crazed Canadia!

When fifteen-year-old girls arrived at the University of Winnipeg for a week of art classes, they were apparently shown a movie about masturbating lesbians. Fondling carrots and cucumbers, the film's stars reminded the young Canadian girls that there are many alternate routes to pleasure.

School officials were outraged -- not by the veggie sex toys being projected to their 15-year-old proteges, but because the content wasn't heterosexual. "The message was not one of art, it was a message of 'girls don't need men'...!"

Geez, dude, get over your bad-ass Canadian self. Er, and let me know where I can get a copy of this movie. I want to study art, too -- Canadian-style. High school has sure gotten a lot more interesting since I graduated from Cyberbilly High!

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