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Canadians Pick Greatest Canadians
2004-11-16 23:45:08

Canadia Rocks
I hate you all. Suck my gooey wad of hate.
-- Mr. Bad


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is having a contest to nominate the 100 GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME. In at #3 is Don Cherry, a hockey announcer. Is this really the best that Canada can come up with?

Number 2 is Alexander Graham Bell, who was born in Scotland, and later moved to Boston, where he invented the telephone. According to CBC, he thought about the telephone while briefly living in Canadia.

Wayne Gretzky is number 6. Canadia is hockey, Wayne Gretzky is hockey, Wayne Gretzky is Canadia. How did he get beat out by Don Cherry, huh? How?

In at #90: Bryan Adams.

It's good to see that Americans aren't the only ones to make silly decisions when it's time to vote on something.

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