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Primetime Jake
1999-09-08 10:12:59

The Busey Clan
Ah, a sense of peace washes my soul as I stare out the window and watch the retarded gardeners pass before me.
-- GodTodd


Hollywood finally recognizes the boundless talents of Jake Busey, by giving him a cutting edge TV show.

This fall you will get to see Jake in a UPN television show called Shasta McNasty. The show revolves around the lives of three superheroes, who secretly disguise themselves as a typical country cover-song bar band. Each week, they clash against super villains and save the world (sneak spoiler: in the premier episode, they battle a villain who uses telepathic powers to control Jake's band-mates, forcing them to do unmentionable things to animals, and sends Jake hurtling into an alternate dimension where everyone is on television.

So join us on September 30th @9:30 for the television event the world has waited for.

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