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New Jake Busey Fan Site Discovered!

by Tjames Madison

1999-05-28 00:25:38

OK, well, not really. But LeeAnne's site has a listing of her favorite actors and actresses and Jake Busey is ON THAT LIST! He's right after Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, as a matter of fact. It's also worth mentioning that LeeAnne is Canadian. Perhaps we should take a moment to reconsider our fears and prejudices towards people from Canadia. Maybe we should stop believing those hoary old wives' tale about how Canadians eat babies and spit on pictures of the Pope.

Although she doesn't have anything specific to add about Jake (other than that he's on her list of FAVORITE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES, along with Tom Cruise, Christian Slater and Alec, William and Stephen Baldwin), LeeAnne has lots to say about herself. Her birthday is March 14th, 1978, for instance, she's about 5' 3" tall, and she has a dog named Alf. Also, her favorite sports are basketball and darts. And she has a web poll up where you can vote for "Best Boy Band" (I voted for The Moffatts.) She also claims to be a Web-o-holic and invites you to click on a graphic so that you may receive information on joining that club; perhaps you, too, will be able to one day proudly display this amusing graphic on your web page!

Wouldn't it be great if we had a contest where somebody like LeeAnne could win a date with Jake Busey? Hmmm... we should talk to Jake about this pretty soon.

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