The Collected Transmissions of Tokyo Rico
1999-08-14 00:11:56

Burning Man Nonsense
I like this gun.
-- Master Squid


Put down your gun, GI! Don't volunteer for anything! Tokyo Rico is here to lower your morale and make you leave Burning Man!

One of the really great things about Burning Man is the large number of pirate radio stations on site. There's at least 10 stations going at any time of day or night, playing pumping techno, spacey hippy music, spoken word, interviews, radio dramas, FRENCH RAP, or whatever. I think I get more radio stations at Burning Man than I do at home, in the (EMF) shadow of Sutro Tower.

Anyways, one of the cool things on last year's radio waves was Tokyo Rico. Analogous to WWII Japanese broadcaster Tokyo Rose, he worked hard to discourage Burners and send them home -- in hopes, I guess, that there'd be that much more camping space for the rest of us. I don't think he drove off too many people, but his harshing on Burning Man is RIGHT ON. Go check out the transcripts of Tokyo Rico's broadcasts! Immediamente!

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