Spock Mountain Pictures From Last Year's Burning Man
1999-08-04 05:40:14

Burning Man Nonsense
Cunts are a Good Thing.
-- Head-freezin' Gene


Pigdog had a friggin' BLAST at Burning Man '98. Check out the official picture gallery, including pictures or our BOMB-ASS hillbilly shack. This material has been offline for several months, but now it's back... extra optimized, extra crazy.

Here's what happened.

This stuff went up almost right after Burning Man, but our old server was out of space, so we put it on the funky Linus OS machine of one of our editors. He's always running off to England to hang out in pubs, eat pigeon, and suck down fat pints of frothy Guinness. So he wasn't installing the latest security patches...

Then bad hackers from Italy got in via some stack overflow shit.

And so the machine had to be destroyed and the house fumigated.

We never caught the hackers, but we hired some local witches and warlocks and space brothers to put some nasty sexual dysfunction hexes on them... so, basically, they are fuggered.

We never got around to putting the cool pictures back online, until NOW.

And what pictures they are...

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