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AWD Man Out
1999-06-24 17:32:11

Burning Man Nonsense
But then cops REALLY CAME and they SHUT DOWN THE FUTURE so we had to stumble out into the past and look for busses. We gave up and started looking for BATHROOMS.
-- Crackmonkey


No, I'm not talking about Subarus or some Amiga group. AWD is to DANCE what DEMOLITION DERBY is to SPORT. Compare and contrast! These guys rock the cool checkit, gotta say.

AWD is this totally weird and spacey athleto-fireo-danceo-musicko group that performs for a lot of Burning Man events, among other things. They are REAL COOL.

Like, start off with a bunch of speed-freak modern-primitive musicians with crazy instruments like hand saws and steel drums making BIG NOISE. Then add on top of that three skirling chanteuses wandering manically around a stage or theater or WHATEVER. Then on top of THAT you gotta add another 6 or 8 DANCERS who jump and climb on each other and every surface in the performance space, including the ceiling, and then spit and set fire and generally cause major catastrophes of epic proportions.

It's a really crazed visual and sonic experience. Not to mention that the performers all have ROCKED BODS, which it's worth the price of admission just to see them squirm around, I gotta say. Man.

They're doing an extended theater run here in the City right now that's worth checking out. Pigdog'll be there; will you?

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