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Don't you know? It's the FLESH LAB
1999-06-23 00:42:16

Burning Man Nonsense
My fits of Joy are soiled by relentless flashbacks and ghosts too foul to name
-- HST


Hey, so check it out: Flesh Lab has a home page! Coolio! These guys rawk.

Flesh Lab is one of non-Spock-oriented science theme camps at Burning Man. (I know... what's the POINT? But, hell, au chacun son propre gout, as they say.)

FL actually had interesting geodesic domes filled with crazy rave music, bad slothful people, and a big spazzy tanning-salon-back-massager thingy. So, cool with that, I say.

Oh, and they had ID cards, too. Oh, and SETI@Home team! So you know Flesh Lab must have some SCIENCE going on, even if it is of the inferior, non-hillbilly type.

But, anyways, FLESH LAB! Cool name! How can you not love that? Check em out!

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