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Fine Coverage of Burning Man by Dr. Black
2000-10-04 12:00:17

Burning Man Nonsense
if there's a blind monk somewhere going around saying he was ordered to teach Pol Pot's concubine how to love, i know him.
-- rotten elf


Well, as usual Pigdog Journal is lagging heavily in our coverage of the Fabulous Burning Man. For all anybody knows, we haven't been to the damn event in four years. But we really do go, honest! We do cool stuff, too! People love us!

But anyhoo, in the absense of any original journalism on the subject by Pigdoggers, I must turn to the parasitic media form known as the link. Which, like, is LUCKY in this particular respect, because my dear, dear friend Dr. Black has written a great article about this year's Burn for the formidable San Francisco Bay Guardian.

What I like about this article is the clear description of what's wrong about the event, and the decent and affectionate description of what's right. I think there's some resignation by everybody in the Burning Man community about where Burning Man is going. Is what we're doing right? Is it still worth it? Is it worth it to *me*, in particular? These are all questions Burners ask themselves all the time. I think. Well, hell, at least *I* do.

OK, so, read the funny article, crazy drug boy.

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