Happy Beaujolais Day, Baby!
1998-11-18 13:05:00

Beaujolais, Baby!
Goddamn all you people to hell. Thom Stark, you stole my Dog Name.
-- Ratsnatcher


It's finally here! Beaujolais Day! The third Thursday in November is by tradition Beaujolais Day, the first day you can buy the latest vintage of Beaujolais (called "Beaujolais Nouveau"). All around the world, time zone after time zone, as the clock hit midnight, closely-guarded bottles of Beaujolais were opened and tasted for the first time. Hooray for that!

Apparently they have a Mardi Gras-style bacchanalia in the Beaujolais area to celebrate the new wine. People run wild in the streets! Women drink Beaujolais from big party cups and let the wine run down their chins and over their full round naked breasts! OK, I made that last part up, but, hell, it could happen!

Anyways, Pigdog Journal will be celebrating tonight with a cup of Beaujolais cheer, and I enjoin you to do the same. Go get some Beaujolais Nouveau and act like a freak! And when you're good and liquored up, practice the Pigdog love call on passersby: "Boo-zho-lay, Bay-bee!"

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