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FUCK the Elvis Stamp
1999-11-11 17:01:26

Bad People
The OpenBSD client is faster than Rosie O'Donnell going for a donut.
-- Ratsnatcher


Man, these guys at the Elvis Stamp site are PISSING ME OFF. They are HORRIBLE and do not honor even the BASE LEVEL STANDARD of Internet link exchange decency. I hereby DENOUNCE the Elvis Stamp!

Here is my letter to the people at

Subject: As of RIGHT NOW this Relationship is OVER
From: Mr. Bad
Organization: Pigdog Journal

GODDAMN IT! You are a BIG LIAR on your links site: l

Pigdog Journal has had up your ST00PID Elvis Stamp banner ad on our
Web site for ALMOST A YEAR, and you have YET to add a link to PDJ on
your links page. I have written to you several times about this issue,
but you have FAILED to add our link and you have FAILED to respond.

Your actions are unconscionable. You are a POOR NET CITIZEN. As of
THIS VERY MINUTE we are not only going to REMOVE the Elvis Stamp
banner ad from our Web site, but I will PUBLICLY DENOUNCE your
organization and product, and encourage our readers to take their stamp-buying business elsewhere.

FUCK the Elvis Stamp! Down with the Elvis Stamp!

~Mr. Bad
City Editor, Pigdog Journal

P.S. Pink backgrounds suck.
Mr. Bad | | RoR - Alucard

So, nobody buy no Elvis Stamps from! Buy all your stamps from or something! Because is the SUCK!

Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.

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