Pigdog Welcomes Mark Barton to Club Charles Whitman
1999-07-30 11:22:22

Bad People
I want my invisible jet, just like Wonder Woman. Does that make me gay?
-- Dag


Just two days shy of the University of Texas Tower massacre anniversary, Atlanta Georgia's Mark Barton submitted his application for the most elite club in the world.

Yes folks, Mark has joined up with the likes of David Berkowitz, Those Crazy Colorado Kids (I still am on the outlook for a 'I went to Columbine and had a blast' T-shirt), and a handful of others that need not be mentioned.

Mark Barton decided that life sucked. But rather than just crawling into some hole and turning into dirt, Mark decided to make it a group tour into the afterlife, taking his second wife, two kids and nine people with him. At the time of this writing, his motivations are unknown. After all, he was your average chemist turned day trader. Normal people just don't do things like this.

But then again, Charles Whitman was an ex-marine, an Eagle Scout, and all around good guy.

It makes you wonder who'll be next to snap like a cheap rubber band.

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