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Vegas hosts $60 million loser -- plus four hijackers
2001-09-28 15:12:09

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Stopping occassionally for hot dogs, Australlia's richest man dumped $60 million in a Vegas casino last week.

While playing baccarat -- at $300,390 a hand -- the multi-millionaire hit an unfortunate losing streak. Stranded at the Bellagio because of new flight restrictions, he gambled away many millions of dollars. But he didn't tip his dealers. In fact, instead he demanded they sign non-disclosure agreements. A fact which was promptly leaked to the press...

The flight restrictions were prompted by recent terrorist attacks in New York. In an eerie coincidence, earlier this year, hijacker Mohamed Atta himself checked into the Econo-Lodge. In fact, all four of the hijackers apparently visited the city. The New York Times even reported that before executing fiery crashes at the Pentagon and World Trade Centers -- they took in a few Vegas shows and did some gambling.

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