2000-11-12 23:28:19

Bad People
Also, when I was your age, we walked ten miles each way to school in smog as thick as pipe smoke, wearing respirators, through mudslides, while being chased by serial killers. And we LIKED it that way.
-- Tjames Madison


You read it right, folks -- it's a dot-com to help folks who are the blood cells in the mass hemorrhaging of the Internet economy. Beaujolais, I just got fired!

Seems like everybody I know these days is getting laid off, downsized, or just plain FIRED from dot-com jobs. HELL, in a City where 6 months ago you couldn't wipe your ass without finding a recruiter's business card wound up in the roll, it's seeming like there's more and more E-People (TM) with cardboard signs saying "Will synergize teams for food" on the freeway off-ramps.

[Hey, I just checked -- there's actually an out there. BARF! That's just sick. Oh, wait... an, too. I think I should just give up with the (TM) satire at this point. Fuck.]

Getting forcibly removed from your job position has all kinds of downsides, besides the obvious ones of not making any money and losing a reliable place to have your CDNow packages sent. Like, FOR EXAMPLE, there's the kinda sticky issue of trying to stay in touch with all those cool people you work with. Your work email address is down, so now what are you going to do?

That's what's hip about One of the services is an email-forwarding system, so you can choose an address, and it gets sent to your real personal email. I mean, isn't it a lot more styling to send out a mass contact-info email to your former workmates from an address like rather than I think so. Really.

I talked to the folks (who have gone through the firing process recently, and they FEEL YOUR PAIN), and they plan on adding lots of new services -- like downloadable "anti-business" cards with your coolio address on them. Bujholej, say I.

So, go check it out, and tell 'em Mr. Bad ( sent you.

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