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The Man With The Golden Tongue
2000-08-25 06:58:53

Bad People
I know all about riding unicycles, as I went to circus school.
-- Ratsnatcher


In Montana, a Florida man pleaded guilty posing as a gynecological doctor. As Pigdog readers know, this isn't too out of the ordinary. In one instance, a man operated his "practice" out of the bathroom of a local fast-food joint. This one, however, is quite different.

What makes this quack heads and tails above the others is that this guy was conducting his exams over the phone. Now here’s where it gets bizarre: he was convincing women to mutilate themselves with razorblades and nail polish. You read right, a gynecological exam over the telephone involving razor blades and nail polish.

What the hell did he say to these women that would convince them to take a box cutter to their boxes?

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