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Elephant Blood Donations Urgently Sought!

by Miner 99er

1999-08-25 20:21:49

Veterinarians at Lampang Elephant Hospital in Thailand are in urgent need of elephant blood, for anticipated transfusions needed for a foot amputation. Motola (age 38) stepped on a landmine near the Thailand-Myanamar border, shattering ten bones in a left feet. At the time the cow elephant was taking a break from her job with a logging operation. There is no indication that the accident was drug-related.

Motola will probably have her ass in a sling for the operation, to help avoid breaking sutures. Afterwards, she will be fitted with a prosthesis to help support her three ton frame.

The operation has been delayed until Saturday, to give the surgeons more time to prepare. The type of elephant blood needed was not available at press time; nor is it clear if African elephants are also eligible to donate.

Contact veterinarian Worakorn Jitlang at the Lampang Elephant Hospital for more information: Phone 011-66-2-945-7124-6;

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