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Project GRIZZLY!

by Tjames Madison

1999-08-17 13:13:21

Has anybody seen this film? It sounds completely CRAZY: this Canadian guy built this big robot suit so he could go out in the woods and FIGHT GRIZZLY BEARS! A FILM about a CANADIAN CYBERBILLY! It totally defies categorization!

So this guy, Troy Hurtubise, was out walking in the woods in 1984 when he was attacked by grizzly bears. He survived the attack, and then became obsessed with the idea of confronting bears, sort of because he wanted to know why they attacked him. So he spent the next several years of his life designing and building a huge metal suit that he could wear around the bears. A ROBOT suit! He got the idea from watching "Robocop"! The suit ended up costing about $150,000, and it's made out of titanium and includes a trigger-finger operated "blaster can" capable of spraying a huge dose of bear repellent up to 15 feet for seven seconds. He's had people shoot at him and biker gangs try to beat him up when he's wearing the suit, and the suit has survived all attacks.

For the past several years, he's been interacting with bears at close quarters, wearing his giant robot bear-fightin' suit, and "Project Grizzly" is the film about his adventures.

This guy is really crazy. He runs a scrap metal business when he's not fightin' bears, and he says all kinds of really cool Canadabilly folk wisdom stuff, like this: "I would like to be not a big Jacques Cousteau, just a little Jacques Cousteau. I would like to be able to go anywhere in the world I want with my research team and my suit, and be able to do research wherever I wanted."

Also, his hero is the Outlaw Josey Wales, and he talks about "gettin' mad-dog mean" all the time. Hell, this film is REQUIRED VIEWING for all Hillbilly Scientists!

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