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Dead Snakes Are Just Faking It

by JRoyale

1999-06-17 13:53:15

That's right, just because you've killed that rattlesnake doesn't mean it can't kill you. Sort of like Dawn of the Dead where the snake comes back from the grave to claim its revenge.

And it is all true according to this article. It is sort of like cutting the head off a chicken. Both snakes and chickens don't really have much of a brain and so their bodies don't really miss it for awhile. I guess that is one of the advantages of being a lower life form. Still, after awhile, the body get the message that it is suppose to be dead and so it too dies.

That can take up to an hour in really stupid snakes in these enlightened times. But back when Spanish explorers first set foot in the new world, before mandatory snake education made snakes smarter, a decapitated snake's body could live for up to 10 days or so say the legends.

So the next time you see a dead snake, don't pick it up, don't get close to it. Beware and kill it again and again and again. Otherwise you might be joining the snake in the big nature camp in the sky.

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