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Beekeeper Rivalry Turns Deadly

by Tjames Madison

1999-06-11 13:33:30

Beekeepers are crazy; we all know that. They wear those big beekeeper suits and those big beekeeper hats and they carry around those smoke pots and make smoke everywhere to make bees angry and they never give you any of their candy when you ask for it. But now those beekeepers have gone too far.

A beekeeper in Lake Wales, FL, was found guilty Thursday of kidnapping and attempted murder after he nearly beat a rival beekeeper to death in 1997. James Fussell testified that David Tschida was one of two men (it's not immediately clear if the other man was also a beekeeper) who abducted him a gas station in rural Florida and drove him to an orange grove where he was beaten senseless and tied up with ropes and left for dead.

Tschida apparently was angry with Fussell because he believed his rival had set fire to some of his beehives. Fussell, who was attacked relentlessly by ants and mosquitos while he lay helpless in the orange grove, says he also feared Tschida would kill his wife and some of his friends.

Sentencing in the case will take place on August 20.

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