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Killer Bees Attack Texas!

by Tjames Madison

1999-06-02 01:46:01

The killer bees have made it to Texas! Several residents and assorted domesticated animals in San Antonio were attacked by a huge swarm of angry bees Monday, leaving three unlucky dogs grasping for life.

These Africanized bees are so nasty, according to reports, that they singled out a pit bull for a target. The pit bull was reportedly attacked by thousands of bees while firefighters wearing bulky protective suits attempted to rescue it. One man was so terrified of the killer bees that he almost burnt his house down when he tried to light a fire in his backyard to ward off the terrible bee invasion.

We tried to warn you, Texas, but it was too late. Soon it will be too late ... for EVERYONE! BEHOLD THE KILLER BEES!

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