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Come on, people. It's SQRAT Pox! Get it right.

by Downer Cow

2003-06-12 08:58:45

Dear god, people! Can't you see the plain facts? It's SQRATpox I'm telling you! And yes it IS a conspiracy.

Just look at the facts: In the US, "monkeypox" is found in pet rats & prairie dogs. According to the CDC, "The virus that causes monkeypox was recovered from an African ***!!!squirrel!!!***, which may be the natural host." (Added a little emphasis there.) Lab tests indicate that it could also infect rabbits and mice.

This "monkeypox" misnomer is leading us right to where the sqrat menace wants us, lulling us with a label that says "Only them funny monkeys got that pox. My cute widdle Fluffy Bunkins would never give me that pox. Oh, no he wouldn't! No he wouldn't!"

Write to your congressman, the CDC & the WHO. Demand that they act on the bioterrorist threat of SQRATpox before it's too late. Before we're all dripping pus from our eroding flesh and the sqrat operatives make their move to destroy our precious freedom.

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