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Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake
2002-01-25 14:22:30

Animal Rampage
Do you ever just punch domain names into Netscape and hope something comes up?
-- Mr. Bad


Meow! Techno music. Meow! Techno music. "Eat the cat head! Eat the cat head!" It's the sickest game ever....

The blurry head of a kitten radiates from the screen, its fangs frozen in time. Flashing hollow eyes glow menacingly, strobing in sync with a techno beat and lurid flashing backgrounds of fluorescent yellows and reds.

Let the games begin. You're the snake -- the slithering segmented monster composed entirely of cat-heads. Arrow keys change its direction of motion, but it can never stop. You've got cat heads to swallow.

Meow! Techno music. Meow! Techno music. "Eat the cat head! Eat the cat head!"

Welcome to Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake....

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