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Piranha Not Piranha
2001-07-26 08:12:16

Animal Rampage
Her skin was soft, like a decomposing body. I mean that in a good way.
-- El Destino


What kind of a sick fuck would release their pet piranha into a lake where kids like to swim and fish?

Some kids were fishing in a Modesto, California lake when they caught what appeared to be a piranha.

Not since Jaws has such panic rippled around a body of water. The News Media(tm) swarmed in like... well... like a school of hungry flesh-eating fish. Kids were pulled from the water, water-skiiers stopped water-skiing, boaters stopped boating, drunks on the beach didn't stop drinking, because they're on the beach. Duh.

Only it wasn't a piranha. It was a paco, which just looks like a piranha.

So what kind of a sick fuck would release their pet paco into a lake where kids like to swim and fish?

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