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Serial Killing Seal

by JRoyale

2001-04-19 09:24:20

Normally, in an Animal Rampage stories you get them pesky, but dangerous critters attacking humans. Those animals that are trying to skip a couple of eons of evolution and jump right to the top of the food pyramid.

However, this California seal is molesting and killing his own. Particularly young seals. I should be horrified and disgusted, but instead I'm strangely, and somewhat worryingly (blame Dubya for that word), attracted to stories like this.

Biologists just don't know what to make of it as they never, apparently, encountered such weird behavior before in nature and I guess assume only humans can be serial killers. Obviously, they haven't been reading the PDJ, as we been documenting abnormal critter behavior since before we became a weblog. Anyway, if you like weird, perverted animal sex, vicious serial killing varmints, talk of castration, and befuddled biologists, this is a can't miss article.

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