Boy Howdy! That's some damn fine Pigdog!


Crazed Beaver Gnaws Dogs
2000-06-07 22:34:16

Animal Rampage
Anne Coulter is a character of a parody of a comic book villain. There's no Godwin Law on the intertubes for invoking Coulter, but there should be.
-- Johnny Royale


"I've lost all respect for beavers. I never would have imagined this from a beaver," said Canadian farmer Sam Pshyshlak after a 30 pound beaver attacked, pinned, and savaged her two 200 pound Newfoundland dogs.

Just when you thought you were safe from animal attacks, another story emerges proving just how wrong you can be! Never turn your back on a beaver, never trust a cute little squirrel.

(Kudos to El Snatcher for the link.)

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